Acne home remedies that work fast

acne scarsIf you are in a state of transcendence from childhood to adolescence, you must have been acclimatized with the irritating and discomforting effects of acne. It is but natural at this stage. If you are an adult, you may still feel the pinch of acne that may be caused due to a number of reasons such as local infection, internal toxicity, hormonal imbalance caused due to non-nutrient diets, heavy menstruation, pre-menopause, stress, birth control tablets or reduction in immune functioning.

Under all the above circumstances, your sebaceous glands are secreting excess sebum, the natural oil that sticking to the dead skin cells clogs the pores and the resultant swelling under the skin. The bacteria surrounding the skin get multiplied rapidly to create pus and pain.

According to Speedyremedies there are a number of acne home remedies that work fast to give you relief from the irritating and painful acne. A few are mentioned below. » Read more: Acne home remedies that work fast